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National Anthem Marshall Islands
National Anthem
Flag Marshall Islands
Coat of Arm Marshall Islands

Aelin Kein Am

Aelon eo ao ion lometo;
Einwot wut ko loti ion dren elae;
Kin meram in Mekar jen ijo ilan;
Erreo an romak ioir kin meram in mour;
Eltan pein Anij eweleo im woj;
Kejolit kij kin ijin jikir emol;
Ijjamin Ilok jen in ao lemoran;
Anij an ro jemem wonakke im kejrammon Aelin kein am.

Forever Marshall Islands

My island lies o'er the ocean;
Like a wreath of flowers upon the sea;
With a light of Maker from far above;
Shining the with the brilliance of rays of life;
Our Father's wondrous creation;
Bequeathed to us, our Motherland;
I'll never leave my dear home sweet home;
God of our forefathers protect and bless forever Marshall Islands.