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National Anthem Oman
National Anthem
Flag Oman
Coat of Arm Oman

نشيد السلام السلطاني

يا ربنا احفظ لنا جلالة السلطان
والشعب في الأوطان
بالعز و الأمان
وليدم مؤيدا
عاهلا ممجدا
بالنفوس يفتدى
يا عمان نحن من عهد النبي
أوفياء من كرام العربي
ابشري قابوس جاء
فلتباركه السماء
واسعدي والتقيه بالدعاء

National Anthem of Oman

O Lord, protect for us our Majesty the Sultan
And the people in our land,
With honour and peace.
May he live long, strong and supported,
Glorified be his leadership.
For him we shall lay down our lives.
O Oman, since the time of the Prophet
We are a dedicated people amongst the noblest Arabs.
Be happy! Qaboos has come
With the blessing of Heaven.
Be cheerful and commend him to the protection of our prayers.